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         "Sex. Violence. Buddhism."

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Jack Be Dead: Revelation
(Book 1) ISBN-13-978-0-9970663-0-2

London—Today— “Jacks” are being killed across the city by a female serial killer with an almost supernatural ability to stay hidden. When Jack Tate, an emotionally bleak Detective Sergeant, is called in to investigate the brutal killings, he teams with Mae, an intellectual wannabe-detective, and Albert, Mae’s packrat psychic father, to unravel the killer’s taunting clues, until the devastating truths behind the killings force Jack into a dark revelation that is centuries old and bathed in blood. Karma is a bitch, and then you die—if you’re lucky.

Jack Be Dead: Retribution
(Book 2) ISBN-13-978-0-9970663-1-9

London—Today—After experiencing a life-changing revelation, and finding himself the target of a serial killer out to make things personal, Detective Sergeant Jack Tate races the clock to save innocent lives as he, Mae and Albert simultaneously unravel a supernatural mystery that reaches from their collective past lives into a present that threatens to destroy them—in this life and beyond. The killer's vendetta may be personal, but the consequences of Jack's next moves reveal there's more at stake than his life.  

Jack Be Dead: Redemption
(Book 3) ISBN-13-978-0-9970663-2-6

London—Today—With his reputation in ruins, Detective Sergeant Jack Tate is taunted and manipulated by a serial killer bent on his final destruction. Once he unravels the mystery of why the killer only kills men named Jack, DS Tate goes on the offensive to uncover the real reason for his persecutor's retribution, until the killer kidnaps his partner, Mae, and uses her to lure Jack and Mae’s psychic father Albert into the final trap where Jack is brought face-to-face with the truth of his bizarre and bloody karmic past. Everyone’s lives—past, future, and present—hang in the balance, as Jack must make the choice between what is right and what is easy—and there's no time to lose, because the souls of serial killer murder victims are reincarnating—everywhere.

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